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1:1 Forms and Protection Plan


The Region 16 Device Protection Plan for Chromebooks is now available for purchase via SchoolPay at

In order to purchase the protection plan, you must register for free with SchoolPay so we can associate the purchase with your child.  Once a plan has been purchased, the option to buy another will be removed from SchoolPay, so if you don't see the option, it probably means it has already been purchased.

The price of the protection plan is $35 per plan, plus a fee that goes to SchoolPay.  If you are purchasing the plan for a one device the fee is $1.95 for a total of $36.95.  If you are purchasing the plan for multiple devices the total fee is 3.99% of the total purchase price.  This fee is only paid when using a debit/credit card to make your payment.  If paying by check, the cost is $35 per plan with no additional fees.  This is a change from the original communication where fees were required for all payments, card or check.

# of Plans Total Cost Debit/Credit Total Cost Check
1 $36.95 $35.00
2 $72.79 $70.00
3 $109.19 $105.00
4 $145.59 $140.00

Parents of students in Grade 3, and Grades 5 through 12 should strongly consider buying a protection plan to help cover the costs of accidental damage to their assigned device.  

Grade 4 students and students younger that grade 3 are exempt from the protection plan for the 21-22 school year.

Click here for more information on what the Protection Plan covers (and does not cover).

Cash payments are not accepted.