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BOE Members

Beacon Falls

Mrs. Priscilla Cretella BOE Vice-Chair (2019-2023) Chair: Personnel and Negotiations Committee 203-231-4094


Mrs. Christine Arnold (2021-2025) Chair: Recognition Committee and Policy Committee ; Member: Personnel and Negotiations Committee,  [email protected]


Ms. Tiffany Burkitt-Lyga (2021-2025) Member: Curriculum Committee, Personnel and Negotiations Committee, Policy Committee, Facilities and Transportation Committee  [email protected]


Mr. Ben Catanzaro (2019-2023) Chair: Facilities and Transportation Committee; Member: Technology Committee, Curriculum Committee [email protected]




Mr. Robert Hiscox - BOE Chair (2021-2025) Chair: Public Communications;  Member: Facilities and Transportation Committee, Technology Committee  [email protected]


Mr. Nazih Noujaim (2019-2023) Chair: Technology Committee;  Chair: Facilities and Transportation Committee, Member: Policy Committee [email protected]


Mrs. Karima Jackson (2021-2025) Member: Curriculum Committee, Policy Committee, Technology Committee  [email protected] 


Ms. Roxann Vaillancourt (2019-2023) Chair: Curriculum Committee;  Member: Personnel and Negotiations Committee, Facilities and Transportation Committee [email protected]