All Region 16 School activities are cancelled for Sunday, February 18th.

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NJHS Meet and Greet with R16 Seniors

Long River's National Junior Honor Society hosted a meet and greet breakfast with Region 16's seniors. The morning included socializing, a presentation about academics and changes to curriculum and spaces here at LRMS, and current and upcoming activities. The NJHS members then took the R16 on a tour of our school. It was an excellent and well delivered community experience for all!

Bus Info Released

Busing information for the 17-18 school year has been released and is available on the Bus Info page under District Resources->General Information

As of Monday morning (the 14th), all LRMS incoming 6th grade students and WRHS Freshman have had their passwords updated to reflect the fact that they now attend new schools.

For example:

If you are going to be a 6th grade student at Long River and you password was previously, PES1234, it is now LRMS1234.

If your are going to be a 6th grade student at Long River and your password was previously, LLES9876, it is now LRMS9876.

If your are going to be a Freshman at WRHS and your password was previously LRMS1357, it is now WRHS1357.

The digits in the passwords have not changed, only the 3 or 4 character school portion of the password.

You should start using the new passwords immediately for sign-ons to Schoology, Google, etc.



Pre-K, K, Grade 1, and Grade 2: 10:00-11:15 AM

Grade 3, Grade 4, and Grade 5: 2:00-3:15 PM

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