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School Wellness Policy

I would to take this opportunity to explain Region 16's Wellness Policy #6142.101 that has been in effect since school year 2009-10. The policy pertains to food or beverages distributed to the general student population during the school day. I believe these changes have made a positive impact on your child’s nutrition, safety, overall health.

The policy relates primarily to the elementary schools. Beginning in school year 2009-2010, Region 16 prohibits food or beverages for classroom celebrations such as birthday parties. This progressive change supports the classroom lessons students learn about health and nutrition, protects those students with food allergies, and adheres to food sanitation and safety measures. A list of many non-food ideas is available in each elementary school office.

Principals may use their discretion to approve other food or beverages distributed to students during the school day. However, such events are limited to no more than once per quarter. Homemade food or beverage items may not be served to the general student population. All food or beverage items must be obtained from a licensed food vendor (such as a grocery store) and must be commercially prepared, prepackaged, unopened, and, if possible, individually wrapped.

Food, beverages and candy are commonly used in the classroom setting as an incentive or to reward good behavior and academic performance. Rewarding students with candy, food and beverages of little nutritional value undermines the teaching and modeling of behaviors that promote student wellness. According to our Wellness Policy, teachers are now required to use reward incentives other than food, candy and beverages, except if it is waived in a student’s Individual Education Plan.

The complete Wellness Policy may be found here.

6142.101online at our web (This is the online policy manual for Region 16. Use the search tool to find the wellness policy.) If you have any questions regarding the changes, please do not hesitate to contact Patricia Iraci, School Nutrition Director, at (203) 758-6671. I am looking forward to another great school year for Region 16 students.




Michael P. Yamin

RUDD Wellness Assessment