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About Our School

Prospect Elementary School is one of two elementary schools that serves children in Regional School District 16. Located in the heart of Prospect, CT, PES was established in 2015 after the merging of Algonquin and Community Schools. It is home to over 600 PK-5 students and includes a full day kindergarten program.

Students at Prospect Elementary School are engaged in a learning environment hallmarked by our S.O.A.R. framework. At PES we support our students in learning to Show Responsibility, Observe Safety, Achieve our goals and Respect all around us. At PES we believe that all students should have learning opportunities that are centered around 21st century skills such as critical thinking, problem solving, and collaboration. This year our staff and students are working hard to achieve their goals through our District-wide focus on critical thinking. We aim to provide our students with learning experiences that utilize technology while balancing collaborative and independent learning that engage them to think at higher levels. Our staff works with parents and families in an effort to create children who are responsible, intelligent, caring, and thoughtful members of our school community.

PES Daily Schedule