Early Childhood Literacy Links

Interactive and Dialogic Reading in Preschool

This overview explains interactive and dialogic reading, its importance to children's language development, and how teachers can implement this practice. It highlights the teacher's use of questioning techniques to engage children in a story and the features that distinguish dialogic reading from other interactive approaches. (9:30 min)

Interactive and Dialogic Reading

Preschool Language and Literacy

Watch this short overview to learn about the importance of preschool education to a child's long-term success. The overview explains how to use two research-based practices to improve instruction in foundational pre-reading skills and suggests how the website can be used to support and train teachers in learning these practices to improve the quality of preschool instruction. (4:10 min)

Preschool Language and Literacy

Teaching Phonological Awareness in Preschool

This overview describes phonological awareness and its importance. It emphasizes planning instruction along a sequential developmental continuum of skills, scaffolding instruction, and providing teachers with support through modeling, practice, and reflection. (7:57 min)

Phonological Awareness

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