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CSDE Revised Executive Order Addendum #5

Reset, Recover, Reimagine: Connecticut's Path Forward - 7/14/2020

Temporarily Opting into Voluntary Remote Learning Due to Covid-19

Covid Guidance and Considerations for Preschool Located in Public Schools

Fall Reopening Resource Document for Students with High Needs

Everyone Learns Initiative

September 2 Update:

Requests for home Broadband for families in need were submitted to the State on August 4th. As of August 25th, the state was in the midst of finalizing terms with the five cable broadband vendors. They will contact the district when that is done with next steps


Please share this information, especially the phone number below, with families in need who might not be able to receive our electronic communication.

Governor Ned Lamont recently announced that his administration is launching the Everybody Learns Initiative to close the digital divide in Connecticut and empower students across the state to learn from home.

Region 16 will be able to request a limited number of cable broadband installations into the homes of eligible Region 16 families that lack access to reliable broadband Internet.

The State will purchase 12 months of broadband on your behalf and then the cable provider will contact Region 16 to request the home addresses for the families where cable broadband needs to be installed.

Families that have no option for cable broadband service because their homes are not in any service provider's coverage area, will be able to request mobile Internet hotspots in lieu of cable broadband. Both Prospect and Beacon Falls are well serviced by XFinity (Comcast) so I anticipate there will be few, if any, of these requests.

If you lack access to reliable broadband, please let us know by filling out our online form. Families with no internet access can leave a voicemail request to participate in the initiative by calling 203-578-3363 and leaving their information.