WRHS Peaceful Student Walkout

As a result of the Parkland, Florida tragedy, WRHS Student Government respectfully asked administration if they could participate in the National Student Walkout scheduled for March 14th. Below is a video of the peaceful walkout lasting 17 minutes, one minute for each life lost in the Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School shooting.

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LRMS National Junior Honor Society Induction

Congratulations to this year's NJHS inductees!

The induction took place on the evening of March 6th. Students who were nominated had the pillar of scholarship with a GPA of 95 or above. Inductees demonstrated the other pillars of leadership, character, service in order to be granted admittance into this very prestigious organization. Congratulations to all the students and parents!

Below: NJHS Members, NJHS Officers

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NJHS Meet and Greet with R16 Seniors

Long River's National Junior Honor Society hosted a meet and greet breakfast with Region 16's seniors. The morning included socializing, a presentation about academics and changes to curriculum and spaces here at LRMS, and current and upcoming activities. The NJHS members then took the R16 on a tour of our school. It was an excellent and well delivered community experience for all!

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