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September 2017

We in Region 16 hope you had a great summer and look forward to a great year ahead! The summer is a time to complete projects, spend quality time with family and friends, and do things you enjoy. It is a pleasure to be with you for the fourth year now. The faculty and staff at Region 16 schools have made my transition as a 4th year Superintendent a success with a collaborative and cooperative approach.

It has been a rewarding and fulfilling summer at District Office. We have completed all anticipated hiring including, but not limited to, new Directors of Curriculum, Facilities, and Food Service. The integration of Google as our new platform for e-mails has been on-line. The conversion of all special education documents into our new special education database, Frontline, which affords us an up-to-date and universally accepted reporting system, has been introduced and is active. Our support operation staff has done an amazing job repairing and improving things in each school, and our custodial staff has done a terrific job in classrooms and hallways for staff and students to welcome in a new year.

Specifically, Long River received new lockers, a renovated STEM classroom, two newly restored bathrooms, as well as, the creation of a life skills room for identified students. Laurel Ledge benefited from new flooring in specifically identified areas, the renovation of the faculty bathrooms, new adjustable basketball hoops in the gymnasium, and a new coat of paint in various areas of the school. Prospect Elementary received new blinds in the media center and an upgrade to the sound system in the cafeteria. Woodland has on-going facility renovation work that is nearing completion such as the repairs to the asphalt at the tennis courts, safety bollards, ticket booth, dugouts, auditorium lighting and ADA requirements.

Entering the 2017-2018 school year, we have a new District Strategic Improvement Plan. It reinforces our commitment to continuous improvement, student success, and a school year that supports the needs of our students, the wants of our community, and clear academic expectations defined by accountability at the highest level of teaching and learning. I continue to be thrilled and proud of the community support and dedication our staff puts forth daily. Our staff was extremely active this summer as our faculty was engaged in professional learning activities, summer curriculum writing, extended school year programs, summer school courses, and educational leadership planning activities. Many of our staff members participated in out-of-state conferences: Visible Learning in California, Schoology in Chicago, and ISTE in San Antonio. Other instructional leaders wrote, revised, and edited curriculum at District Office while many more worked with students in STEM programs, elementary literacy enrichment activities, and summer school classes.

Again, this year we are prepared to provide continuous and ongoing embedded professional learning and establish clear teaching and learning expectations that are cohesive and coherent. There are new innovative programs and strategies that will be utilized in your children’s classroom. We will build upon the existing initiatives that have been introduced over the last three years. We will continue to focus on our district-wide universal student-learning indicator, Critical Thinking, and expand our 1:1 device roll out in an effort to embed technology into our instruction.

Our purpose is always to remain aligned to student outcomes and student growth. We will evaluate what we have, determine what we can do to improve, and establish clear expectations to continually modify to provide personalized learning experiences for students.

The Board of Education believes all students can learn and recognizes that a culture that promotes positive relationships with staff and safe learning environments, where teachers can take risks and students feel connected, will promote the highest level of student achievement.

We believe at District Office that it is critical to establish vertical connections to curriculum, instruction, and assessments. Professional learning needs to be linked to student outcomes, and we need to utilize data to drive tomorrow’s instruction. I, as Superintendent, believe, as the BOE does, that it is pertinent to improve education by connecting the Regional School District 16 community through communication, community service, and being fiscally responsible, while maintaining and improving the quality of educational programs.

Our mission is reaffirmed by the Board of Education to provide high quality and educational opportunities through the use of research-based traditional, experiential, and creative instructional practices to ensure that all students become inquisitive, lifelong learners with the 21st Century skills necessary to be successful.

Once again, welcome back, and I look forward to being accessible and available to any concerns, suggestions, or requests that I can accommodate. I believe in an “open door policy”. You are welcome at District Office. Please do not hesitate to contact me via phone, 203-758-6671 or e-mail me at with any concerns or questions.

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