Health Services

Cartoon kids holding up a sign saying,

Laurel Ledge Elementary School

Karen Vaccaro, RN

Stacey Brown, Nurse's Asst.

Tel: 203.729.5355 x 601
Fax: 203.723.2468

Prospect Elementary School

Allison Sweeney, RN

Gail Fredericks, Nurse's Asst.

Tel: 203.578.3146
Fax: 203.527.9428

Long River Middle School

William Kotsaftis, RN

Erin Mascia, Nurse's Asst.

Tel: 203.758.3634
Fax: 203.758.6948

Woodland Regional High School

Vicki DeLucia, RN

Rachel Kearney, Nurse's Aide

Tel: 203.881.2236
Fax: 203.881.2017

Absence Reporting

You are required to call if your child will not be in school. Please leave your name, the child's name, teacher and /or
team and the reason for the absence. All schools in Region 16 have 24 hour accessible voice mail so that you can
report your child's absence 24/7. If you have any questions, the Attendance
Policy is explained in detail in the Parent/Student Handbook.

Health Reminders:

  • Fever 100 degree +...Stay home until fever-free 24 -hours without medication.
  • Vomit/Diarrhea....Stay home until 24 hours with no episode without medication.
  • Pink Eye/Strep/Impetigo....Stay home. Must have 3-doses of antibiotic before returning to school.
  • Lice....No Nit Policy. Confirmed case of lice must be cleared by School Nurse before returning to class or riding the bus.