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Curriculum and Instruction

Region 16 is committed to providing a challenging, motivating, and rigorous curriculum for all students. Each curriculum unit includes the CT Core Standards, Enduring Understandings (Big Ideas), Essential Questions, Concepts & Skills, Learning Activities & Assessments. We use a “backward design process” where we determine the standards we want our students to master, how we will measure the mastery of them, and lastly, prepare the instructional plan that will support them.

Our links below provide resources to help parents understand the standards and our curriculum, and ways that they can support their children in the learning process.

Michele Raynor
Director of Curriculum

Overview of the CT Core Standards

CT Core Standards for Math ( video )

CT Core Standards for ELA/Literacy ( video )

Next Generation SCIENCE Standards (NGSS) Toolkit for Parents

Curriculum Information

Elementary School

Summer Learning

Assessment and Intervention

Strategic Research Based Intervention