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Technology Information

Device Information

If you need a device repair, please submit a request using

CT Everybody Learns Initiative

In August, the State announced the "Everybody Learns" initiative, a plan to provide reliable high speed Internet access families in financial need who currently lack that access. Families that inquired about the plan and met the requirements have been mailed vouchers for 10 months of Internet Essentials from Comcast. If you believe you qualified for the program and don't receive a voucher by 10/21/20, please reach out to Matthew Brennan at Region 16 District Office.

Families that did not request access but are interested in the program can still do so. If you lack access to reliable high speed Internet, you can go to to see if you qualify. If you do qualify and are interested in receiving a voucher you can fill out a request via our Google Form

The number if vouchers we have to distribute is limited.

Schoology and Google Meet

Students assigned a Chromebook (Grades 2-12) can find their teachers Google Meet link within the Schoology Course

Students assigned an iPad (Kindergarten and Grade 1) should use the Meet app on their iPad to join a Meet. The meeting code will be the Teachers first initial followed by last name.

Support Information

Please take a look at our Chromebook and Connectivity Troubleshooting guide for some suggestions on what to do if you are having connectivity issues Chromebook during distance learning

If you need technical support because of a login issue, hardware issue, or something else, please fill out a Technology Support Request and we will get in touch with you.