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Long River Middle School

Long River News

As of Monday morning (the 14th), all LRMS incoming 6th grade students and WRHS Freshman have had their passwords updated to reflect the fact that they now attend new schools.

For example:

If you are going to be a 6th grade student at Long River and you password was previously, PES1234, it is now LRMS1234.

If your are going to be a 6th grade student at Long River and your password was previously, LLES9876, it is now LRMS9876.

If your are going to be a Freshman at WRHS and your password was previously LRMS1357, it is now WRHS1357.

The digits in the passwords have not changed, only the 3 or 4 character school portion of the password.

You should start using the new passwords immediately for sign-ons to Schoology, Google, etc.

LRMS Capstone Finals

Long River launched its first Capstone Project this year in lieu of the previous traditions of Orations.

  • 1st Place: Emma Flaherty, for How Climate Change Affects Archaeological Sites
  • 2nd Place: Emily Beyer, Samantha Erickson, and Olivia Vallejo, for Save the Bees
  • 3rd Place: Samantha Viele, Gerson Cancer Treatment

Congratulations to all the finalists, teachers and students for making the first LRMS Capstone Project a great success! Click to read more...


WTNH Recently visited Long River Middle School while the TAG program students were learning from futurist Dr. William Barry

You can read the report and see the video here.

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